Amalgamation of Life


I think not.

You may recall from my original blog post – again, I still can’t believe this is happening – that I do not have a plan.
I thought it might be best to come up with some idea of where I am going and where I intend to end up – it’s only going to improve, right? That’s what I keep telling myself.

Let’s get started. Plural? Of course, you’re on this journey with me – I can’t do it alone.

The beginnings of a plan are usually the hardest, but maybe I only think that way now because that’s the feat I am attempting to overcome at this juncture.

No more stalling!
I stole this idea from one of my best friends who writes a blog about Disney (activities, theme parks, bounding, anything you can imagine). She was my inspiration for running and also for blogging, apparently. She sets monthly goals, both personal and blog related goals that are actionable and easily attainable when the effort is put forth – something that is at the top of my list.

  1. Do not get discouraged if this blog isn’t picked up for syndication at the end of the month, June 2017
  2. Believe in myself and my writing capabilities to entertain and entice people to read about my journey
  3. Write at least five blog entries – one down, four to go (with only a half of month)!
  4. Decide whether or not I should look for sponsors – but the question is, what kind of sponsors would I look for?
  5. Begin drafting and set for publishing at least 7 ideas for July’s blogs
  6. Pick 2-3 shows to propose for the 2018-2019 theatre season

I think that’s a good start – it’s definitely a start. When I started writing I didn’t even know if whether or not I could come up with more than one idea as a goal, and here I provided seven for myself without even thinking.

Maybe all of this will work out in the end. Maybe I’ll succeed. Bingo – goal #2 already being worked on and headed towards success, what more could a girl ask for?


Wine. A girl could use a glass of Riesling right now.

I sit here, listening to the show I am currently/wrapping up as Asst. Director perform their first Sunday matinee (out of ten shows, we are on number five and it is as hot as 15th century Spain). We’ve experienced the opening scene jump ahead and play catch up but I have to say my actors make me extremely proud.  If I didn’t know the show as well as I did, I wouldn’t have even guessed that there was a mistake – that’s the beauty of excellent casting.

I can stand to learn something from them – it’s okay to jump around at first in these blog entries while I figure out where I live and where this blog lives in my life.

Last thing – I wonder if one of my goals could be calculating how many commas I use when writing these blog posts.

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