Amalgamation of Life

Am I an island?

I didn’t just discover that I’m going out of order but it occurred to me the other day I was and then I asked myself – does that matter?

Decide whether or not I should look for sponsors – but the question is, what kind of sponsors would I look for?

The short answer is no. I won’t be looking for any blog sponsors or other blog patrons. Not yet, at least. Never say never unless you’re heading to Neverland – and no, again, I am not Tinkerbell.

I looked into what it takes to get sponsorship from theatres, other bloggers, critics and even acting coaches – I don’t come up to snuff. Maybe one day, but for now my foot traffic isn’t sufficient and it wouldn’t be worth the cost.

However, like many of my other plans, things change.
I’ve begun discussions with my friends if they’d allow me to start building out list of ideas from our conversations concerning theatre. So far, people seemed eager to talk out things they’d seen and heard, changes in staffing – things that are more localized to my geographical area. Intriguing, none-the-less, the amount of drama off stage always shocks me.

My second plan/idea came out of these conversations – in the future, I’d like to solicit from my friends their writings on theatre. If they have any. As a featured blogged author. So I have another ask from my readers – is there any one out there who would be interested in submitting a diatribe on theatre? If so, send me an email. I’m sure it’d be refreshing for my other readers to hear different voice.

Til next time.

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