Amalgamation of Life

Ongoing thoughts

Write at least five blog entries – how many are done? (the first, Conceptual? was almost a hit), the fourth one literally in front of you, one more to go (with only a half of month)!
Pick 2-3 shows to propose for the 2018-2019 theatre season

I’ve decided to change these two – I don’t know if I could nail down 2-3 shows, how do I pick? What if my theatre decides to pick a theme and none of my shows fits in? This is my ongoing fear creeping in.

I am going to pick two of the following with, hopefully, various topics that could fit into a molded theme if a theatre so decides to pick one and could, again – hopefully, please a wide variety of audiences that it’s almost guaranteed to be picked.

Play Musical
Comedy The Man Who Came To Dinner I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!
Drama Amadeus Murder in the House of Horrors
Mystery night, Mother

Will I be upset if I don’t get any picked? Probably.

And do we count this change in goals in the five blog entries by end of month goals? I think so, checkmark 😉

Tell me friends, because this is a journey together, do you have trouble setting goals?  Do you have trouble meeting the goals you set for yourself? What kind of learning and helpful mechanisms do you do to prevent goals falling to the wayside?

I’d appreciate all the help I can get. Til next time.

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