Amalgamation of Life


Believe in myself and my writing capabilities to entertain and entice people to read about my journey

Okay – every one stop clapping, that doesn’t keep me or this blog alive. Hard work and effort keep this blog alive. Endless effort. Effort that looks to be going unpaid (I am not looking to earn any income from this adventure) and potentially undervalued. That’s scary – putting myself out there like this with no return on investment?

Let’s break it down, shall?

How does someone value a blog – besides monetarily?
How does one quantify enticing people and entertaining them with a blog?
Is it summarized just in clicks and reads?
Are they really reading?
What about comments – positive and negative feedback, where do they fit in?

I purposefully titled the post as Tinkerbell because I am hopeful for this blogs and my success. I hope to entertain and I hope to enthrall. How do I go about that?

Allow me to explain my position.
As my creative journey unfolds, mainly becoming a more steadfast and secure director – prop master – costumer – actor in local theatres,  I think it’ll be easier to gain and maintain interest from my readers. Look at that – I said ‘my readers.’ It was nice. I hope one day to have followers and people intrigued with my work. Back on track: not only will I have more to talk about but I will also have *hopefully* received feedback.

Now it’s time for me to explain your position!
*drum roll*

Is there things from me that you’d like to see?
Do you want to see audition notices?
Are you a enticed by visuals – want to see more pictures from productions?

Comment below or send me a message – I live and breath for this now, and like Tinkerbell, I am ready for an adventure. Til next time.

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