Amalgamation of Life

Plan, part II

How did the time pass by so quickly? First of all, I can’t believe it’s already July, so let’s not talk about how fast time is moving.  Am I having fun?  I don’t know – I don’t really describe myself or what I do as fun, so that’s hard to ascertain.
What am I supposed to do for July? Can I keep this up?

  • Begin drafting and set for publishing at least 7 ideas for July’s blogs

Have faith chickadees, you can’t get rid of me that quickly. I’ve decided to continue blogging, as best as I can because July is a busy month, at least until the end of the year.  Then I won’t feel so bad that I spent $35 for the year in access to my domain.

I need a plan! I decided that I can’t be as nonchalant as I once was with my writing topics and diatribes.  How will I keep you entertained otherwise?  So, with all of that in mind, I have set one goal already:

  • Each blog has to have a topic – not just a tiresome, unending blog reel of self-pity or concern or lack of plan.  It’s going to get old, fast.

Ready for the other goals?

  • 7 blogs written for the Month of July
    • Focus only one on Disneyland trip
  • Register for a yoga class
  • Plot out one script with stage directions, costume themes, set design, sound/music
  • Sew one item of clothing from archive of patterns
  • Prepare for August graduate school – LEAN Six Sigma classes in particular
  • Finish reading magazines built up from December/January

Well.  That’s a lot. A lot.  I’ve attached a picture of the magazine pile for your enjoyment and my torture, will hold me accountable.  And for clarification, I inputted some personal goals because this is a personal blog – and yes, the focus is on theatre and my adventures within the realm, but I am a versatile human being with many life goals and accomplishments.

Enjoy watching me struggle along.  Til next time.

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