Amalgamation of Life

Yoga… For me?

Does any one else feel like the month is rushing past them?
It’s the seventh month of the year! How did it go so fast? What have I been doing with my life.. let me tell what I haven’t been doing, things I set out to do on my blog – for instance:

  • Register for a yoga class

Can I tell you – my friend, the amazing Disney in your Day – set out to join/complete a couple of yoga classes in the month of June.  I volunteered to join her.  Since I started running I’ve noticed that my joints and tendons are tight – to the max.  It’s very near unbearable to function – especially when I attempt to put on my standard clothing of choice, my little black leggings.

What have I done?  Nothing.
We found some free yoga classes at the King of Prussia Town Center complex.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

It does.  Too good to be true.  Both her and I have some of the worst schedules imaginable to man – between her performances in Chicago, her work at the local library, and – you know – her life coupled with my asst. director for Man of La Mancha, graduate school, Board member responsibilities and, again, my general life it was near impossible to get there.  Free does not always mean possible – no matter how well intentioned you are.

Let me tell you this next thing – July, shouldn’t my schedule be wide-r opened since Mancha and Graduate school is over?  Yes.  It should.  Is it?  Of course not.

I am wrapping up the work I busted through for the One Actravaganza at my theatre where I am directing two shows – did I forget to mention this? – and also more board member responsibilities as I transition from Second VP to Secretary, prepare for graduate school coming up in mid August (and this is a big semester), while maintaining a normal life as a supportive girlfriend, loving daughter, and all-around good friend.  I’m tired just writing it out, how do you feel about reading it?

Is this any excuse to forget about my health?
Let me fill you in on what I purposefully left out – not by mistake, just that it’s too much to remember all at the same time.

  • I’ve been sick – physically worn out from running after my injury at the end of May.  I am almost done PT, I can’t be released until I complete a couple of small running ventures per the plan my therapist provided me.  I can’t run until I buy new shoes per the prescription from my hip surgeon (yes, it was that serious).
  • I’ve been reading, re-reading, re-re-reading and memorizing, blocking, re-blocking two scripts for a July fundraiser my local theater, of which I am Board of Director (BOD) member
  • I have NOT planned barely any of my trip to Disneyland coming in one week. LITERALLY ONE WEEK AWAY.  By this time next week, I will be in DL experiencing the wonderment that is the most magical place on Earth.  And I have no idea what I’m doing for it.

I am fortunate that I have had a team of excellent personnel work with my on regaining and rebuilding the strength in my legs so that I can compete and run my Fairy Tale Challenge come February 2018.  I am also extremely blessed to work with four amazing actors (I can’t give these ladies enough kudos, honestly) who have quickly learned my crazy language and imaginative soul while also enriching my time as a director by filling in my black spaces – those moments of time as a director where you can’t see a resolution.

You can be, as I am now, literally too close to a show that I often can’t find a way out of a problem. I don’t want to digress too much into that but note that in a future blog I will be focusing on how important it is to select a supportive cast – not just when you’re starting out as a director, but at all times.  As Velma Kelly would say, “I can’t do it alone,” and I wouldn’t want to to be honest.

In conclusion, I’d like to emphasize that you cannot forgoe your health for a show or for anything.  That shouldn’t have to be said but I know I constantly need to be reminded (thanks to my amazing partner) and I feel it necessary to remind you now.  In July, I am adamant that I sign up for a yoga class.
‘Til next time my friends.

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