Amalgamation of Life


I wish I had the ability to add check marks to each of these as I go through and meet my own requirements. For now, I think I’ll use a strike through method to indicate when I’ve successfully completed a goal. For example:

  • Begin drafting and set for publishing at least 7 ideas for July’s blogs
  • Each blog has to have a topic – not just a tiresome, unending blog reel of self-pity or concern or lack of plan.  It’s going to get old, fast.
  • Finish reading magazines built up from December/January

Two out of three ain’t bad – wonder if I’d make my favorite musician/rockstar proud. #Meatloaffanatic

You don’t understand.  The amount of magazines I have that are unread might be considered near hoarding numbers – I make every effort to get through them but I never seem to manage.  I hope that eventually my life opens up a bit more and I can set aside more time for myself and the things I enjoy out side of theatre.

But alas! That is not why you were are, you are here to know how I handle becoming a director.  Well, it’s hard.  It takes a lot of work, thought and determination.  It also takes a creative mind.  A creative mind that can not function if it is under too much stress.  I don’t believe in that theory or idea that people operate best when under stress – that’s not to say I can’t work when not in ideal conditions.  I just don’t enjoy it and I don’t feel that I thrive in such a fashion.

How do I thrive with my creative outlets?  One of the ways is down time – take that as my advice for this post.  It is important that, yes you meet your goals and achievements, but that it is not important to meet them at the expense of your wellbeing.  And your wellbeing can only be defined by you – is it a whole bag of cheetos?  Go for it.  Is it with a skydiving experience?  That could be fun!  Is it with a hoard-sized stash of gossip magazines?  It could be – and I am not using this post as a way of justifying my near-hoarding experience but I am using it to emphasize that not everything has to be done today at this moment at the expense of your life.

Remember to go out side.  Enjoy the fresh air.  Relax not only your body but also your mind.  You’ll thank yourself for it later.
‘Til next time.

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