Amalgamation of Life


Life gets hard.  It gets busy, it gets messy and complicated.

  • Prepare for August graduate school – LEAN Six Sigma classes in particular

Let’s see how I did.

I discovered I registered for classes that overlapped the same dates and times of my certification course.  I had to do a quick swap between classes, but after having packed my graduate school plan at work, I have no idea if the classes I swapped to are viable for my degree.

I want to say yes? But I am concerned I’ll have to swap again.

I did buy the books necessary for the new classes and they do seem like pretty viable and interesting classes – maybe I’ll luck out and it’ll work out.  I’ll check on Monday.

What do I mean when I packed my school plan?  And why will I check on Monday?

Well.  I’ll have to unpack my belongings at my new desk. As a dear character once said: WHAAAAAT? Adolfo, from the Drowsy Chaperone. I got a new role within my company. I’m extremely excited to be a part of a new department and division working on enhancing my peers environment and engagement with the company through my communication skills.

Well, Mercedes, do you think this will negatively impact the blog?

I hope not, I already paid for it for a year.  I do think that I’ll have more time to work on personal things, such as the blog, because I’ll have a better work life balance – I can work from home, I can flex my time in and out of the office.  Lots of advantages, things I haven’t even been made aware of at this time – again, first day is Monday.

Aren’t you frightened?

Scared shitless.
I don’t know how I’m going to do it all.  Between preparing and attending graduate school, which as you can see from the above – I did not do extraordinarily well, and learning not only my new job but also work almost full-time on an additional project at work.  It’ll be easy to measure success at school.  I’ve almost finished reading one of my text books, I flipped through the manual/pocket guide which will live at my desk/office.  Next is reading, after confirming my school plan, the other text books before school starts mid August.

All while having a life, how are you going to do it all?

I don’t know.  I signed up to do costumes for Laramie Project which should start rehearsals soon (mental note: ask Director when they’d like me to start coming to rehearsals).  I am considering signing up for doing the make up for another show – and not just any make up, full on effect make up: decaying skin, maggots dripping off, and glitter heaven.  That is a super new venture for me and I really hope the sketches I prepare for the director are liked, she already likes me, but she isn’t one to work with/cast any one who doesn’t come up to snuff.  She has near professionals vying for this spot so I have hard competition.

All while serving on the Board for my theatre, prep a new job, prep for grad school and maintain my friendships.  I have to say that one of the advantages to my old role, and heading into my new role, is the excellent time management skills I have learned and will continue to develop at my employer.  I have a career now.  I will be making divisional wide impact that effects over 5,000 of my peers and superiors.  I am anxious and excited.

I am also half planning to submit for director spots in the 2018-2019 season.  I need to look for a master set builder and light board operator.  I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed but I’m also not trying to ignore my emotions or my feelings.  Things happen for a reason and I should be able to figure everything out as the events happen but for now… Any volunteers? #desperatelyseeking

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