Amalgamation of Life

July Summary

Shall we talk about how well I did?  Because I am quite pleased with keeping up to a majority of my promises to myself and to you, my readers.

  • Four peek posts (some of my favorite things to write)
  • Each blog has to have a topic – not just a tiresome, unending blog reel of self-pity or concern or lack of plan.  It’s going to get old, fast.
  • 7 blogs written for the Month of July
    • Focus only one on Disneyland trip Here was a slight downer, I definitely focused two blogs on Disneyland
  • Register for a yoga class BONUS – I found a place that holds classes for less than $20 a session and does various types of yoga, so I can find the one I like the best. SCHWIN!
  • Plot out one script with stage directions, costume themes, set design, sound/music I did not, and I agreed to put more on my plate for other people versus focusing on what shows I want to direct
  • Sew one item of clothing from archive of patterns Fail
  • Prepare for August graduate school – LEAN Six Sigma classes in particular
  • Finish reading magazines built up from December/January Fail

So it wasn’t the best month in achieving the goals I plotted out for myself but I do have to say that I am quite pleased I kept with my schedule as well as I did – I don’t feel that I ignored this site or my readers.  I met obligations to myself, obligations that changed from my original goals into new things I didn’t know I needed.  Plus, I opened myself up to more interesting things that I hadn’t considered before – thank god for my friends because without them I would not have made it through this month.

Thank you to Melisse for letting me know where to go for Yoga – I am going to try to make arrangements with my friend Becky, Disney in your Day, to make a girls night out of it (we both had it rough this month and need the centering).

Thank you to Christa, Nicole, Liz, Suki and Tif for hearing my relentless wailing and encouraging me to get out of the mud puddle I put myself in.  For encouraging me to find what makes me me again, aside from drinking – theatre, drawing, dancing, chatting with friends (of course, eating) and while I never considered this blog a part of myself but it’s honestly been a necessary creative outlet.

Check back soon for my August plan, ’til next time.

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