Amalgamation of Life

How can we be in the 8th month already?

Let the planning commence!  The real question I have to ask myself however is what do I think I want to accomplish and what do I think I will be capable of accomplishing in the month of August?  Let’s go over what I already have planned in August, shall we?

  • Personal Training reservations with Scott – so far, 4 scheduled within the first two weeks of the month
  • Massage and Facial – random Sunday afternoon pampering session
  • Multiple aesthetician appointments to maintain my lovely facial features
  • Read through for The Laramie Project at my local theatre
    • Costume plot for this show including a make up plot for The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge and another costume plot for The 1940s Radio Hour – both in December/January
  • Publicity evening for next season, Script in Hand
  • Disney movie marathon with my friends one whole weekend (after getting a mani pedi)
  • Board member meeting after the Disney movie marathon
  • Renaissance Faire and Hershey park the next weekend
  • I START SCHOOL – my certificate classes begin and I may be panicking
  • Annual Banquet for my local theatre
  • Hello Dolly! with my mom and BETTE MIDLER

I did not realize how much I had planned in my schedule for this next few months – between shows and school, I am a packed rat.

Let’s at least focus on the upside – I am doing several things theatre related and since this is a blog dedicated to my endeavors in the theatre, I will have multiple topics to input on.  Here goes the beginning of my list:

  1. Read throughs and the necessity for a successful show
  2. Publicity events for the Theatre, especially local community ones
  3. Board members and meetings, a necessary evil
  4. Thanking our members and patrons with food and entertainment
  5. Six peeks into my desired shows
    • Two peeks will focus on past peeks and provide an indepth but preliminary foundation of my thoughts (and work) into the shows
  6. Broadway with a beautiful broad
  7. Costume plot for this show including a make up plot for The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge and another costume plot for The 1940s Radio Hour – both in December/January
    Bringing these oldies back:
  8. Plot out one script with stage directions, costume themes, set design, sound/music
  9. Register for a yoga class

  10. Do not suffer a meltdown during the new career step I’m taking (I don’t know how I’ll evaluate how well I did, or whether or not what I experience ends up being considered a meltdown or not – but I will focus on how a new job affects theatrical output)

  11. Impact of running and prior injuries on creative thought
  12. Sell bicycle

I don’t want to say that I have a lofty personality or that I set high expectations on myself, but as I outline my thoughts and goals for the month, a mixture of personal and professional ones, I really begin to question how a normal human being could function with all of this stress.  Is it stressful?  Do I feel stressed?  I don’t know – I’ve always been this way, I think this is my normal.  When I don’t have things to do and goals to accomplish, I enter into that lethargic state of mind and feel unfulfilled.

No one should feel unfulfilled and no one should feel that they can meet their goals.  While these are a preliminary outline of what I want to accomplish this month, I’d like to reiterate that things change – constantly.  I don’t know what my new job is really going to entail.  I have to meet with my peer buddy, my new leader and team mates, as well as project partners from other departments (including our HR *gulp* – yes, even though I’ve never done anything to be fired, I worry every time I meet an HR rep I’ll be fired).  I don’t know what school is going to have me do to reach their goals – I also don’t know who I’ll end up working with for the unavoidable group project I can literally never stand to work on (I have trust issues with group projects – who doesn’t?).

I’d like to wrap up my plan with this thought – if I had asked myself at the beginning of July if I didn’t meet any of those goals, would I be upset?  I am sure the answer would have been yes.  However, based on everything that happened in July, the goals were the least of my concerns.  I am also really pleased with everything I did manage to accomplish in July.  These are next steps and I am ready to take them, are you with me?  ‘Til next time.

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