Amalgamation of Life

Two or Four wheels?

I initially posted the bike for sale on my personal Facebook page to make an attempt amongst my friends – maybe someone needed one and we would’ve worked together on payment or exchange.

  • Sell bicycle

Did that work? No. Am I shocked? Not really.  It’s hard selling things to friends – especially because it feels that everyone is selling something.  Between Jamberry, LuluRoe and Avon (is that still a thing?) – a person could lose their home over supporting their friends home empires.

I do have to admit that LuLu sucked me in – after several years of avoiding that shenanigans I finally supported my sister-in-law and enjoyed the comfort of their line.  I also fell into Jamberry – I’d like to say that I initially did it only to buy my mother the Super Woman nail wrap but it’s not true.  I definitely fell into the Disney wrap collection. Hard.

I will not turn this post into another Disney post.

Update on the bike, aho! I posted it to the local, online yard sale. I requested a purchase price of $75. Pretty fair considering I *think* I paid near to $115 for it when it was on sale.  I barely rode it, which I know every one writes (including wore, used, etc.), but it’s true.  I can only think of three times that I actually used the bicycle. That is truly barely, agree? Good, glad we are on the same page.

First someone offered me $50 for it.  Then another person offered me $60.  I’m half on the fence.  Yes, I want the bike out of my life at this point, it’s more annoying sitting in my garage that I don’t even want to use it but I also want to recoup some of my loss.  I asked the girl to give me a night, especially since we wouldn’t be exchanging at 9 pm at night, it made sense – right? No response.

I don’t know why I’m stalling but it’s a blockage in my life.  What if I need it?  But why would I need it?  What if I want to ride? What if I never want to ride again?  Honestly the bike isn’t a good fit and I don’t feel comfortable using it.  I’d like to get one of those low seats high handle bar bikes so I can feel closer to the ground – not a usual request for cyclist, am I right?  Told you I was weird.


I think I made up my mind and it’s not a terrible loss of $15.  Well, with that say good bye old friend! ‘Til next time.

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