Actor, Amalgamation of Life, Director, Graduate Student

And I’m running, running, and running

I’d like to provide a disclaimer: this is only from my experiences of being injured, participating in theatre, picking up a new hobby and general overwhelming feelings that occur sometimes in life.  The information provided below is not meant or intended to be a guide on how you, my readers, can resolve injuries or their impact on your, my readers – again, creative thought.

  • Impact of running and prior injuries on creative thought

I don’t know why I feel worried with this particular post but I guess when it comes to potential injury, I’d like to save myself from potential monetary injury.  Recall that I am writing this merely as an outlet for me and an opportunity for those who read to feel inspired to join the arts.  No matter the form and no matter the context, it is not an advice, guide or manual.

I didn’t fall and I didn’t do anything strange.  I was participating in my second 5k, the first had occurred almost a month prior with no injury – a bit sore, but nothing that precluded me from running between the two races.  I beat my time despite having walked a majority of it following an injury just past the mile marker.  Uneven ground.  It’s a metaphorical and literal killer. I strained a muscle along the side of my hip and couldn’t, after five days, shake the feel of stress and internal contusions.

I had to run for the picture aside from the face I was dying from the pain.

It was by far one of the scariest injuries I had ever incurred and this was after I basically watched slack-jawed the back of my hand touch my forearm (didn’t break oddly enough, severely sprained).  I saw a surgeon.  The women in my family, once they have reached a certain age, have had hip replacements.  I thought I accelerated the process along.  Fortunately I had full mobility and immobility (fun fact – they often ask you how long you can sit pain free when it comes to these sorts of injuries). I was fine. The bone was fine. I strained a muscle attached to the bone. Six weeks of physical therapy and one week of extreme walking across Disneyland and California Adventure with minor runs upon my return and I was fit as a fiddle.

I learned a new form of running to prevent future injuries based on my current stature and capabilities.  I started running again – four times in a row, much to the charin of my personal trainer and therapist.  I don’t do anything half-assed, remember?  This all sounds wonderful, right?

Wrong.  I can’t focus.  I’m still missing something. Running had given me a release from my creative releases which released me from my Board member responsibilities and again from my work brain.  While restructuring things, since I didn’t need running and theatre was coming to an end (recall I finished everything for my show early), what was I doing with myself?

Nothing.  It was sad.  I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know where to go to fix it.  Amongst personal problems I was experiencing that have no since dissolved/resolved, I am back to square one – how does my life realign itself into a new format which provides an adequate amount of stress and destress qualities?  Where does theatre fit into running and vice versa?

I don’t know.  I’m beginning to become pragmatic about it and force myself to work on it.  This blog is one of the avenues that I get my theatrical creative juices going – thinking about what shows I want to do and how I want to prepare for them, how I am preparing for the shows coming up in my season – lots of things.  I hadn’t given this blog enough of a chance to be an outlet – I thought I could only direct and only costume, or whatever, to feel complete – and that’s not true.  This blog is a way to complete myself.

On top of making myself feel physically well, I am running a half-marathon in 2018, I needed to remind myself what made me feel mentally well.  It’s not enough to feel like you’re on the right path at work and working towards a graduate degree, but there has to be something for the mixture of heart, soul and brain – art, for me – theatre, is exactly what I need.  Hopefully it can give you want you need, too.

‘Til next time.

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