Amalgamation of Life

Make up Plot

I have gotten started on the make up plot for Scrooge.  It took awhile to get started and I had to ask myself why.

  • Costume plot for this show including a make up plot for The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge and another costume plot for The 1940s Radio Hour – both in December/January

Trial of Scrooge

Duh.  I have to meet with the Director.  I have to know exactly what she wants.  We had had basic conversations with one another about the general concepts but we hadn’t had an explicit conversation of – I want a moist wound, open gash, veins, wig, etc.  There are a lot of pieces to consider when aging an actor and creating a rotting corpse.

  1. Do we start at minimal decrepitness to exaggerate along with the intensity of the show?
  2. How decrepit do we want to get the actor to look like?
  3. Do we want this to go beyond his face and include effects on his hands, down his neck? Any other exposed areas we should consider?
  4. Are we considering adding on any prosthetics such as a false nose or an enlarged forehead (to create a gaunt effect)?

These are just the beginning and a lot can actually be held contingently on the actors comfort level, too.  It’s a balance of delivery to meet the desires of the director and the needs of the actor.  I have absolute faith in this director to cast not only just a talented actor who can bring the character to life but also an actor who is willing to experiment with her and I.  It’s only going to be an absolutely amazing learning opportunity and hopefully end up being a fun time.  I’m excited for it.

Be thankful for a short post – it won’t always happen as evidenced by the a majority of the other August posts on this blog. ‘Til next time.

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