Amalgamation of Life

What a dame

I can think of no better way to wrap up my month of August then with an amazing trip to NYC with my mom to see the incomparable Bette Midler in Hello Dolly!

  • Broadway with a beautiful broad

I literally couldn’t handle myself when I saw these tickets available for sale online at a local tour company.  I didn’t think I’d have a way to go up there and see her.  Bette Midler.  I will probably continue to repeat her name because it’s my high level of respect for her and all of her accomplishments.  Anyway, I saw it advertised as a group tour at a discount online.  WHAAAAAA..? Discount and broadway? Who knew?

I just needed someone to be my double.  Meaning both of our prices are at a discounted rate because we are splitting the cost of travel in half and not wasting energy and time of the touring company. AND we wouldn’t have to drive to NY – this is a consistent life goal of mine.  The girls and I are trying to schedule a trip in October to see this pumpkin festival and I will literally pay all the tolls and gas if I can avoid driving to NY, it’s just not in my genetic code to do that type of travel.  I can barely make it down my local highway without a panic attack.  Why am I talking about my anxiety?

Because I have it and to ‘normalize’ it is important to acknowledge and explain my rationale.

Again, anyway… seriously distracted while making the attempt to post this blog.  I’ll stop focusing on Bette Midler for now until I have a clearer head but I will skip ahead and acknowledge the accomplishments I made this month.


Wow.  I can’t believe I am at my August wrap up already – can you believe how much I accomplished?  I can’t and I did it all!  This is one case where I can do it all alone.. then we go:

  • Personal Training reservations with Scott – so far, 4 scheduled within the first two weeks of the month completed six
  • Massage and Facial – random Sunday afternoon pampering session enjoyed one
  • Multiple aesthetician appointments to maintain my lovely facial features enjoyed three
  • Read through for The Laramie Project at my local theatre learned a new perspective on read throughs, on hate, and love
    • Costume plot for this show including a make up plot for The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge and another costume plot for The 1940s Radio Hour – both in December/January almost done all three; make up plot for Scrooge is done, costume plot for Laramie is done – see my post on 1940s costumes for more info on that status
  • Publicity evening for next season, Script in Hand done and a major success!
  • Disney movie marathon with my friends one whole weekend (after getting a mani pedi) so much fun I can’t handle how great my friends are, even those that weren’t there
  • Board member meeting after the Disney movie marathon the most unnecessary necessary evil
  • Renaissance Faire and Hershey park the next weekend ugh even more fun
  • I START SCHOOL – my certificate classes begin and I may be panicking always a scary adventure but I’m really excited for my topics.  My certificate class was cancelled but I’m not counting it as a loss to me, I am presently looking for opportunities on other avenues
  • Annual Banquet for my local theatre rough tumbling but always fun to dance
  • Hello Dolly! with my best friend Becky and BETTE MIDLER the best of times with two great dames

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