Amalgamation of Life

September Start-up

In the spirit of transparency, I should say that this month will have fewer posts potentially and I’ll be playing catch up in October after my vacation.  I don’t know how much down time I’ll have to focus on writing but, rest assured, I’ll be diligently taking pictures and writing down notes for potential scheming and inspiration.  I don’t want to slack at the end of the month and then get out of this habit, it’s actually been doing me a wondrous good for my welling.

Let’s focus now – what do I have planned for September?

I’m not saying it’s getting harder for me to write this blog because it’s not but it’s harder for me to come up with what goals I want to accomplish in evolving as a director.  I think I’ve come up with a good variety for September but I wonder how hard it’ll get as I continue to move forward:

  1. Request to attend the auditions for The 1940s Radio Hour and observe the production staff through decision making
  2. Hold down the home front
  3. Read five scripts in my desktop folder
  4. Develop a new weekly post topic with a theatre focus, similar to my *peek* posts
  5. Consistently run three to four times a week — do not allow yourself to get upset if you don’t meet this goal (8K on September 16th)
  6. Finish reading and analyze three books for school:Honeyman, R. (2014) The B-Corp handbook: How to use business as a force for good. Oakland, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

    Eisenstein, C. (2013) The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, North Atlantic Books

    Wicks, J. (2013). Good Morning, Beautiful Business: The unexpected journey of an activist entrepreneur and local economy pioneer. Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing.

  7. Further develop the Scrooge make up with Director
  8. Complete the costume design for 1940s
  9. Check in on mental health via a) yoga, b) journal-like entry on this blog, c) running capabilities, d) attend more yoga/training sessions and e) time spent with friends and family
  10. Enjoy the Netherlands, make an attempt not to feel guilty about missing a class night
  11. Identify and sign up for a conference focused on writing, marketing, and consulting skills (if such a thing exists)
  12. Plan next trip with my two sets of girlfriends, plan first solo trip, plan next Disney trip with family and/or friends
  13. Stay on top of my magazine collection (current count should be zero, hopefully)
  14. Sign up for voice lessons with Melisse, the classically trained opera singer
  15. Celebrate my birthday – can I get into a Phillies game this year?  (Secret pleasure of mine as a theatre nerd)
  16. Supporting my friends’ charity

That’s not to say that to become a director it 1) happens over night, 2) requires no changes, 3) I’ll be perfect as soon as I ‘standardize’ my place, and 4) I’ve run out of options.  It’s almost important that my non-theatre life doesn’t end at the expense of reaching this goal.  The importance of having a well balanced life cannot be said enough – I’m fortunate to have the beginnings of that life but it takes effort and patience.  I’m working on all of this and through this blog, you can learn from my example, I hope you’re enjoying reading it as much as I’m enjoying writing it – ’til next time.

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