Amalgamation of Life

Family Obligations

Listen, just sit right there and tell you about a time I became the Princess of Phoenixville.

  • Hold down the home front

Yes.. I may have just written that while singing the song from the Fresh Prince television series – don’t judge, I’m weird.  Every one in theatre does this, even if they don’t want to admit it, it’s just usually to show tunes.

My mom has a real job.  She does things to ensure people are safe after climatic events across the country.  Her job can be stressful and very last minute but she’s always up for the task and pretty resilient.  Except she misses her cat, her bed, and her home – but who wouldn’t when you’re clear across the country in a hotel room, cat-less, on a lumpy mattress?  No one can blame her for feeling this way.  Plus – she worries about me, a near adult who can barely manage to function when she is home letter alone when she isn’t home.  It’s tough, but somehow I have to do it.

And do it, every single time, I do.  I do the laundry, I clean the kitchen, I prepare meals, I try not to catch anything on fire whilst doing the above.  Most importantly, I take care of the cat.  Last time my mom was away, her cat – Alexis – got very sick.  Terminally sick.  She returned home and we tried our best to make her last weeks with us pleasant and calm, but unfortunately she took a turn for the worse and we had to put her down.  I was trying to avoid this type of event – again.

Rodney, my cat, has a hairball problem.  She’s a long haired Himalayan.  Yeah, she has a lot of hair.  At least half of her body weight is the hair.  And it’s all black and it’s all over everything I own and consider precious.  But I love her, she’s so rude and sarcastic with her little RBF.  Gets it from her momma.  Anyway, she had a hairball *moment* the other day – all over my carpet (by the way, it’s always my carpet and it’s never the hardwood and it’s *never* visible).  I call my mother kind of a flurry – not panicked, I don’t want to go that far, but I was definitely not calm.  She started to worry but when I sent her a photo, we determined it was just a hairball.

I have never been so relieved to clean up a cat mess you would have no idea.

Question: Mercedes – why are you spending so much time talking about your cat and cat mess?

Answer: Thanks reader for the question, and I have a perfectly marvelous explanation.

Maybe not necessarily about the cat mess but about taking care of the home, meeting work obligations, graduate school, and over-extending myself into the theatre (multiple productions, remember?).  I had to adjust my priorities to meet the demands I agreed to meet.  I don’t know how I did it without my mom and was semi-successful.  I got a little behind on the cleaning, but let me tell you – Wednesday and Thursday night, I will be in a cleaning frenzy.  I’ll also be practicing some of my make up techniques over the weekend because I lack plans at the moment.

This new job has really afforded me a lot of flexibility in how I live my life and how I can perform as a daughter, a cat-mom, and as a friend.  I thought I was already a master planner (God I love The Lego Movie – master builder, that’s on my bucket list to become one day) but I never had to plan out so much in advance before this role.  I need to make sure my clients demands are met, that I spend quality time with my family and friends, that there’s enough time to study, room for practicing singing and make up – even time to work on this blog and all the work it requires.

I’m partially crazy and a classic overachiever but I have been this way my whole life and I’m eager to see what happens next.  Hopefully my mom won’t be out of town for the next crazy shenanigans I get myself into, but if she is – hopefully I don’t do any damage anywhere in my life or in those who surround me.  ‘Til next time.

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