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Mental Health I

This one has not been working out for me as much as I had hoped.

  • Check in on mental health via a) yoga

I should be better at taking care of myself but I cannot bring myself to take another yoga class.  I cancelled the last two classes I signed up for.  Honestly, I don’t know if it was the type of yoga or the funk I have been in.  I want to say it was probably a mixture of things.  Mood, energy level, party escapades I’ve been a part of, and frankly – I just don’t think yoga is for me.  I think it should be, as a runner, but maybe yin yoga is not it.

I’m going to keep trying to find a solution that helps my runners muscles and joints from becoming discombobulated.  Strengthen my core, build up my back muscles and really continue to develop my muscles along my legs.  It’s important, not only for running but for the longevity of my life.  If I don’t keep running, I’ll probably do other things that won’t take care of my body and I don’t want to go down that slippery slope.  I already failed myself by *not* meeting my personal, not blogged about, goal of continuing with yoga and the only way to proceed is move on from it.

Learn from it.  Do the right thing.  It’s no different with directing – you have to learn from your mistakes and stretch your capabilities.  You can’t stay with the same type of show tunes or same type of plays, expand your horizon and be more than a one-trick pony.  Says the former stage manager of Equus.  ‘Til next time.

1 thought on “Mental Health I”

  1. I have trouble getting into yoga too. I feel like the classes are too long – 45 minutes would be good for me, but most are like an hour and 15 minutes. I can’t do yoga for that long, lol.


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