Amalgamation of Life

Mental Health II

I think I’ve been keeping to this point a bit too much.  Too many journal entries, what do you guys say?

  • Check in on mental health via a) yoga, b) journal-like entry on this blog

I get it because it’s partially hard critiquing someone for putting themselves out there for your read and it’s also very hard to critique someone who a majority of my active followers don’t know.  I don’t take things personally (a majority of the time) feel free to provide me feedback at any time.  I’ve connected my Contact Me form for ease.

It’s hard right now to be focused on theatre while working on my projects from afar, going to graduate school, and still finding that work-life balance between friendships and a new role.  I will say that, while I haven’t been at practices for Laramie, they have been ongoing and I can’t wait to see the cast again in the upcoming weeks.  I also can’t wait to just be at my theatre again, I really do miss it.  My girlfriends and I are seeing a show on Friday, today.  I can’t wait to see them.

I also can’t wait to see one of our other friends on stage and perform in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  Should be a load of fun.

I think for the month of October I will redirect my posts to focus more on the theatre side.  I am pleased so many of you kept to reading while you had the chance to leave and I will get back on track since you’re probably not following me for my personal life.  At least not a majority of my personal life shenanigans – just the ones that pertain to theatre.

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