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I am not going to list the name of any charity that I support – I don’t feel it’d be right as the purpose of this blog is not to be a medium for advertising. This post will focus on charity in the sense of time, talent, and treasure – it is not only about monetary donations.

  • Supporting my friends’ charity

Theatre is family. When family is hurting, you hurt with them. I had just met Christa a few weeks prior to us becoming unreasonably close. Her best friend for years had been murdered during her directing debut – how does any one recover from that? I honestly don’t know. I admire her strength and her courage.

She hasn’t stopped. None of us let her. Many of us continue to support her and her initiatives within the community and for the family of her friend. I’m more than happy to be able and capable of supporting her (or any of my friends) and her causes. They become my own. They provide a sense of completeness in my life.

I don’t want to talk about how they feel but I want to talk about the support of friends and why it’s important to theatre.

Why Mercedes?
Because, that’s why.

Just kidding. That’s not all I’m going to say. It’s important because you don’t leave behind everyone you worked with in a show – the folks stay with you. Unfortunately forever, I say this part dryly because not every one you want to stay with you forever. Christa has remained one of my close friends and will continue to be one of my biggest advocates and devils advocate – she pushes me to be better and I aspire to have as caring of a heart as she does.

Remember my article about exposing yourself (not that way) to different cultures and different experiences? Charity is another exposure (stop thinking that way) and experience that enhances who you are as a person and therefore as a director. I don’t know how Christa did it but she did and she did it phenomenally – she is acting in October (Laramie) and I am beyond thrilled to continue learning from her. She’s an extraordinary human being who has a ton to give, creatively and charitably – I can’t wait to see what she does next.

‘Til next time.

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