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Exert Yourself

So I am not personally mad at my soul or heart for this intention, but my body is most certainly angry at me for this attempt.

  • Consistently run three to four times a week — do not allow yourself to get upset if you don’t meet this goal (5K on September 11th)(8K on September 16th)

Running is no fucking joke.  There is nothing on this planet that hurts as much with a first timer, I swear to god.  Knees.  Ankles.  Hips. Sore muscles.  Everything hurts.  There’s only so much Advil or Tylenol can do (no endorsement deal from them) and the rest is just working through the pain.

But I did it.

I completed the 5K I signed up for work and I completed the 8K I signed up for on the 16th.  I want to die and I leave for the Netherlands in t-minus four days but I did it.  Who knew?  I never want to stop running but honestly, I don’t know how much further I can push my body.  The half marathon in February is creeping up on me and it is painful to think about – my body already preemptively hurts but it’s all going to be worth it.

2 thoughts on “Exert Yourself”

  1. You not only did it but you did 5 miles, your furthest distance, on quite possibly one of the most difficult courses to run 5 miles on. So if you can do that, you’ve got the half marathon – especially with 4-5 more months of training!

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