Amalgamation of Life

Mental Health V

  • Check in on mental health via a) yoga, b) journal-like entry on this blog, c) running capabilities, d) attend more yoga/training sessions and e) time spent with friends and family

This one has been easy to obtain – I don’t know why I saved it for the end of the month, to be completely honest.

I was always busy with work. I would go to work, work over time, come home and crash. Barely speaking to my family and barely going out. I really didn’t have any friends for the longest time. I didn’t want to, I find people to be annoying and touchy. People tend to find me braggy and annoying – and they aren’t wrong, to be honest.

Anyway – the point of this post is not to focus on why I didn’t have friends, but rather that I have them now and I didn’t used to appreciate them. I cancelled on them (almost always last minute) and I was always working. Why was I always working? I have no idea. It was annoying. Once I found my tribe, my people, it was easier and easier to let go to of my restraints at work and enjoy my time with them. They’re some really lovely individuals.

AND! I had always known how important and great my family is but again, I pushed them aside for work. Sparing not even holidays, if work was open – I was there. I look back on it and I don’t really understand why – the money was good, true, but I wasn’t saving it – I was spending it on adventures with my friends and family. But at what cost was that actually coming to/on me? One week off a year and spending money willynilly on lunches and beer and clothes?

Shenanigans. My priorities were misaligned. I still buy lunches and I still buy clothes and beers but to a smaller extent so I can live well without overextending myself. However, I do overplan and overbook myself so while I may not be overextending myself monetarily, I am overextending myself with my many friends. All one of them, haha. Just kidding, there are at least 7 I can count off the top of my head.

Balance, my friends, balance your life between work and life because why else are you working? ‘Til next time.

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