Amalgamation of Life, Travel

A look ahead

So I’ve kind of done this one?

  • Plan next trip with my two sets of girlfriends, plan first solo trip, plan next Disney trip with family and/or friends

Let me break down my friend groups for you:

Kristin & Becky………………………………………………..Christa, Nicole & Liz

I’ve gone to Disney with Kristin and Becky, twice; once with Christa.
I have not traveled anywhere with Nicole and Liz.

I have however planned a day trip to NY to see a pumpkin patch with Christa (?), Nicole & Liz (?). But it’s a weekday and things get messy when people have to take off work – who knows who will actually go until we talk about it again.

Becky and I race together, she did a full marathon this past January (where Kris, Christa and I cheered her on in WDW). She initially said she’d never do another one. I said I would never do one. We were talking about the Dopey challenge (5k, 10k, 1/2, and Full marathon across four days) – ooooooodles of medals. It’s almost impossible to resist.


I mean, does that even count? Do either of those ‘plans,’ even count? I don’t know but we did talk and short of any unforeseeable circumstances, we’ll be traveling together in the future. Near future – maybe not all of us together all of the time – but eventually one of us unmarried will end up being married and hopefully have a destination wedding. We shall see, ’til next time.

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