Amalgamation of Life

Decisions, Decisions

Not only am I stuck deciding between these four shows…

  • Decide whether or not to audition for Titanic, Gypsy, Avenue Q, Our Town (yes, all four are on the docket for the spring)

My voice instructor, Melisse, threw a potential FIFTH show into my selection. WHY?

Why are all of the good shows in the spring and WHY are all of them generally around the same time? AND, I don’t know if I ever mentioned this – I am in grad school. I have no idea how to manage my time nor decide what’s the potentially best decision I could make for myself in the future.

I am already obligated to audition for Titanic and Gypsy. There’s only one role I’d like in Gypsy so if I am not cast as that character, it’s going to be easy to say no. Titanic is my friends directorial debut and it is an amazing show. It’s a huge cast of one-off characters, a few main leads, and amazing music. It’ll be tough. What makes it extra tough is that the theater pays it’s cast and production staff $200 for ‘volunteering.’ That is practically unheard of in the community theatre world and while it’s not a large stipend, it pays for my gas plus some extra whatever if I might want while in production.

Our Town.
One of my favorite plays. Actually the first play I read that wasn’t Shakespeare or in Latin (I studied the language for close to a decade). It’s stuck in my head. It’s also on my list to direct one day (guess I ruined an available *peek* post with this declaration). However, it’s one of those shows that really scares me. I don’t think I’m qualified enough to act in it or direct it. If you don’t know it, I definitely think you should do some reading on it. It’s the first show to have auditions for the Spring and again, it’s a bucket list item.

Hopefully I can make my mom proud of me.

I am holding my breath on Avenue Q. I don’t know how my capabilities are going to meld with the requirements of the show – puppetry. Is it a show I’d love to do? Yes. However, this particular version of the show is the high school version so a majority of the fun stuff (or at least what peaks in funny at my favorite parts of the show) are removed. Kind of lame. I can’t say too much against it because I did OK it as a Board member when it was up for selection. I was for it. I still am for it. Bonus – another theatre is performing the adult version over the summer, so maybe I can hold on on this audition. Stay tuned.

Now, for the show that was recommended to me – a show I didn’t know was on the docket for any theatre in my area for adults (it’s most often done for kids). Into the Woods. I can’t believe this show is an option. I can’t believe she believes in my capabilities to audition and potentially perform in this show. Granted my goal role is the Witch but I don’t know if I could give a convincing enough performance to earn that title in my first go around. I haven’t been on stage in awhile and by the time auditions roll around, I’ll only have a few weeks under my belt for voice lessons.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. I want that show. I love the show. I love the movie. It’s amazing. That might be how I wrap up my season in 2018. A girl can dream.

Never stop dreaming, ’til next time.

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