Amalgamation of Life

Don’t Panic

It doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself not to panic what do I end up doing? I panic.

  • Don’t panic
    • Three shows

It wasn’t pretty. I had a near meltdown – crying, difficulty breathing, and overwhelming feelings. So overwhelming I cried to Kristin that I might quit Scrooge on my birthday celebration. She’s producer and I wanted her input. Her input had nothing to do with the show – which is fine and appreciated – it actually focused on how could I have done this to myself?

Well… it’s a long story.

I signed up for Laramie kind of last minute when the producer asked my now ex to be the light board operator and then asked me to costume the show. At the time we were together but strained and had previously agreed not to do any more shows so we could work on us. He said yes, and I found this out later, because we were so far gone there was no repair. So I said yes.

I agreed to do 1940s because I wanted the challenge of a period piece under my belt plus I love the music. I can’t wait to see rehearsals and watch the performances over and over again. It’s not a hard show to design but it’s a hard show to plan out – ensuring there’s no one wearing a duplicate look or color. Everyone deserves to shine in their own way – the characters are built so differently that I am really eager to match my design to their personality. As well as the actors portraying the characters.

Scrooge was much the same thing as 1940s because I wanted the challenge of the make up. A decaying face. I can’t wait. Despite working in my least favorite, further-est theatre. It’ll be over before Christmas and I get to work with my best producer and my best director friend.

Needless to say, after the conversation with my friend and considering all of the above… I am glad I signed up for three shows no matter how crazy it makes me. I wouldn’t be happy if I weren’t busy and here I am busy as all hell. Look out for November, I’m sure I’ll have a post dedicated to how to schedule down time, ’til next time.

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