Amalgamation of Life

Professional Development

I didn’t do this persay…

  • Identify and sign up for a conference focused on writing, marketing, and consulting skills (if such a thing exists)

I can’t find a conference however I did sign up for a film editing class in December. I’m very eager to learn more job skills that not only lighten the load of my team but allow me to keep/maintain control over my work. Leaving editing up to another person without my surveillance (specifically for creative outlets) would drive my anxiety through the ceiling. Plus, it makes me a more well rounded individual. I’m very excited.

And! It wasn’t hard at all to get my managers buy in – he immediately said yes, no questions asked. It’s amazing to be so supported by a leader who only wants my success. I hope all of my readers get to experience this at some point.

‘Til next time.

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