Amalgamation of Life

Don’t Panic II

I have never been so thankful to leave a class before in my life.

  • Don’t panic
    • Transition between classes in Grad school (Sustainability -> Leadership)

I am so ready to be DONE with Sustainability. I don’t want to complain about this class however this class was so … I don’t even have words.

However, I am eager to implement some of the readings (remember those three books I read?) into working in the theatre and my every day life. There’s a lot of good practices we already implement (turn off lights, shut off water, etc) that save not only us money but are eco-conscious decisions. I’m proud of my theatre for making good decisions are reusing and recycling.

Did I tell you we are borrowing costumes for The Laramie Project? A local theatre built the wings under structure and kept the fabric for the wings from their production this past spring. It’s such a show specific piece that it makes a lot sense for them to allow another theatre to borrow them. They’d be sitting in storage anyway but now they’ll be used in another important production of an contemporaneous events (the fact hate crimes are still occurring is bewildering).

Leadership should be fun. Don’t know what to expect but I am eager and excited. Hopefully it’ll help with my directorial goals. ‘Til next time.

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