Amalgamation of Life

Changes in Costumes

  • Handle ambiguity of costume (and prop) changes for Laramie (I know they’re coming)

There is nothing more true in theatre that everything is subject to change. I’d like to share how many emails I sent out to the actors before receiving any type of feedback – feedback that came to me approximately three weeks before opening.

3 emails.


Some actors took an extra 1-2 emails before responding. And as for those late responders? They lacked luster. I never thought I’d say something like that and mean it literally, but there we go, I did. I can’t complain too  much because I wasn’t ignored and I didn’t meet with aggressive pushback – people had concerns and they were valid. And I was impressed. I have to say that this show has been different for me – not only in content but also for the people. Maybe the shows content is driving the people.

I have loved working with two of my best friends. I have loved working with the director and assistant director. I am proud to be a member of this production staff. I am eager to show you guys some photos. I have a preview but the rest will wait until opening.


‘Til next time.

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