Amalgamation of Life

Scrooge Finalized

  • Further develop the Scrooge make up with Director

I have decided to avoid this like the PLAGUE. Until the time has come, says the Walrus, I am not going to finalize make up. Until I see the person and test out several different ways to apply my ideas, which might not even look good on them, there’s no way to continue stressing over design.

It’s important to remember that there is such a thing as too much planning. Over planning inevitably leads to disappointed make up artists (which I don’t know if I’m going to call myself this officially just yet) and over-consoling directors. That’s a waste of their time and a waste of an artists (it just doesn’t sound right – maybe, yet?) time. I think what’s important to note is that you need to plan and be thoughtful of how you’re going to start, but until you get to the canvas – you can’t plan the entire vision on a napkin.

I hope that makes sense. Oh, and don’t let yourself get disappointed – make up is never going to look exactly the same short of professional effects/make up artists who have trained, trained, and trained their talent. This will be my first gig and I hope to impress, even marginally so to myself, my director, and my friends and family. Fingers crossed, ’til next time.

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