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How do I do it?

When I originally started this post I was only actively involved in three shows.

  • Time management of three shows

Well, surprise! Somehow I ended up in a fourth show by the end of October. Things are still up in the air but I might be working on costume designing another show at another theatre for the Spring.

Our Town at Barley Sheaf Player.

Who knew?
And now to the actual post subject content: time management. How did I do? Well it’s all about prioritization. The Laramie Project opens on Friday and every thing had to be done by today – tonight is our second full dress rehearsal without tech interruptions and I most certainly was not going to have my actors face any costume interruptions. Everything had to be available, fixed, and prepared for them – it’s as simple as that.

What’s next?
Scrooge at Footlighters Theatre. This is going to be a huge trial of attempt and error. I have an idea of how to make the actor look gaunt and sickly but now it’s come time to practice, practice, and practice for success. I hope he’s willing and able. I hope I don’t get overwhelmed and incapable of overcoming that feeling of struggle when (not if) I mess up. It’s going to be rough but I’m excited to practice and I’m excited to see the results. Pictures to be posted shortly.

On Deck:
I’ll continue plotting out the costumes for The 1940s Radio Hour while beginning work on Our Town. I’m still worried but this should be a simplistic plot compared to 1940s, perhaps very similar to Laramie, and I am once again excited to do one of my favorite theatre activities. 1940s is the next priority following Scrooge, actually simultaneous to Scrooge because they are almost back to back. Not to fear – plan and plan ahead to overcome any challenge and be flexible. That’s the motto of the year. ‘Til next time.

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