Amalgamation of Life

Don’t Panic III

  • Don’t panic
    • Friend and family balance

It’s been easy to find a balance with my friends. With my family? Not so much. My mom is away, she comes back soon, and because her and I have actual work to do – we don’t communicate the same as we would if she’s here. I miss her but I am kind of enjoying being on my own for right now. I dislike the amount of work to maintain the house (and, frankly, myself) but I like having the whole couch to myself and drinking a beer without her asking “Why are you having a beer tonight?”

Because it’s delicious Sharon.

Does it sound like I have been favoring my friends? Not really. I’ve been prioritizing the theatre. Two of my friends are in The Laramie Project, and I’ve made more friends there. Two of my other friends is in The 1940s Radio Hour and even more acquaintances/less close friends are in there. Plus I’m working with a fabulous production staff for both shows. It’s easy to find myself enjoying the beauty that is theatre – in building those friends. To an extent, I think that even while I miss my mom – I don’t miss her as much as I once might have. I have been enjoying the time with her gone by spending time with my friends.

Can’t beat karaoke, beer, wings (naked and hard – inside joke), and theatre. Whether we go to see a show together or prepare to be in one together (they usually abstain but sometimes I catch them sneaking sips of my beer before a rehearsal) – we are together. And theatre is a family. That’s one of the best traits of being involved with theatre – no matter what’s going on in your life, you know exactly what’s expected of you and those around you (someone else – the director – is monitoring so you can avoid self-monitoring). You’re able to enjoy the pure symphony that is a rehearsal – symphony meaning electric range of instruments (people) making noise in tune with one another’s energy.

I’ve even managed to see my friends for game nights, go to a float spa, see their band play, and in a production they worked so hard to be foolish in (As You Like It as The Fool). Oh, I even went on several dates. Various friends, not the same four or five or even ten. I have found that this segmentation of time spent between friends and obligations has helped my ability to relax. I feel that I am truly capable of letting it all out and enjoy the moment I currently reside in – something not even yoga was able to provide me. It’s been truly enlightening and relieving.

In the spring there’s even more opportunities to work with my friends and hopefully my mom doesn’t get deployed anywhere. Then I can truly identify and maintain the balance of spending time with every one who matters to me. I can’t hardly wait, ’til next time.

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