Amalgamation of Life

Professional Development

  • Identify and sign up for a conference focused on writing, marketing, and consulting skills (if such a thing exists)

Not only do these types of exercises and opportunities exist, my company is encouraging my participation in building up these skills. Whaaaaaaaa? It’s very unusual, for me, to be in an environment where professional and personal growth can be found, bought, and completed with the full support of your management team. It was put very simply to me – what is good for you is good for business. The idea of a well-balanced and educated life is beyond appealing, I’ve never felt so happy to have transitioned to my new role.

Here’s another bonus – it wasn’t just a conference on writing, marketing and consultation development. I also signed up for several classes to help with web building and video editing. I’m SO excited. I can’t wait to get cracking at things – this week I start video editing, in a few months – the conference! ‘Til next time.

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