Amalgamation of Life

Picking next season

  • Attend Play reading committee (yes, I joined something else with my oodles of available time)

I don’t know why I submit myself to this kind of torture – it’s not that it’s bad, don’t get me wrong. I like hearing the various opinions, reading new material and having a choice in next season. Let’s be real, it’s pretty much about having the choice in next season for my little black box. The other half is meeting my personal goal of reading scripts. I mean, how long has that been on the list? That’s the other good and valid reason for joining the committee. It literally forces me to read scripts.

There’s one that was given to me, to which it reminded the giver of me – Vanities. To be described, by the author – Jack Heifner:

The dictionary meanings of vanity: 1) the quality of being personally vain, excessive pride in one’s own appearance, qualities, gifts, and achievements. 2) Emptiness, unreality, sham, folly, want of real value. 3) A dressing table.

I don’t think he meant that I am the table but the other two… I can see it.

But first.. let me take a selfie

‘Til next time.

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