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What’s up November?

Mercedes crushed it!

  • Read five scripts in my desktop folder
  • Complete the costume design for 1940s
  • Identify and sign up for a conference focused on writing, marketing, and consulting skills (if such a thing exists)
  • Don’t panic
  • Read and review one show
  • Run 4 to 5 times a week (Half marathon training is in full swing)
  • Practice of make up – on self, on director, with assistant
  • Be more thankful – tis the season
  • Register for Spring 2018 classes
  • Come up with a Christmas list for my mom (trust me, this is harder than you can imagine as an independent woman)
  • Watch Stranger Things, season 1 and season 2 (it’ll be a re-watch for season 1 because I honestly didn’t get it)
  • Attend Play reading committee (yes, I joined something else with my oodles of available time)
  • Begin working on directorial submissions for Forge Theatre (this is a big deal, I submitted three plays and I want all three seriously considered)

…mmn, maybe I didn’t. How did I write so much and keep from meeting these goals? Somehow I managed to find things that were influential to me or to those around me. Somehow I found content to fill the month of November. Those goals that I did meet? Extraordinary. Nothing to flinch or scoff at. Those goals that I didn’t meet? Better luck for December or however long I want to give myself.

Part of being thankful and building a team around myself is finding those moments of opportunities are truly moments of opportunity. I didn’t give up on any of the above, I found more interesting and, possibly, more relevant topics to my life in real time. The above are still goals and are still advantageous to myself as a director, friend, daughter, as a person. There’s nothing wrong with not meeting a goal, there is something wrong with throwing away a goal for no reason.

I am not throwing away the above. Just like if it comes down to play selection for next season, if I don’t get picked – does that mean I won’t ever submit a play to direct again? No, of course not. Would I throw away the last two years of prep? No. I didn’t throw away six years of undergraduate work – it just took me five years to find my place at work as a writer. Things come to those who work at it and who want it. I still want to write about the above and I most certainly will do so, ’til next time.

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