Amalgamation of Life

Can I read five scripts?

  • Read five scripts in my desktop folder

Does this include play reading committee duties?

I decided that it would include the plays I had to read for play reading AND I did read close to 20 scripts (musicals and straight plays) since the beginning of October. I don’t know that I ever counted how many I’ve successfully read (or unsuccessfully – there was one script I could not finish). I was shocked at the total. Don’t ever under-estimate yourself, you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try and evaluate what you have actually completed.

Here’s a running list of scripts I’ve completed (or not):

  1. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
  2. Little Shop of Horrors
  3. Next to Normal
  4. Something’s Afoot
  5. Leading Ladies
  6. No Sex Please
  7. See How They Run
  8. Twelfth Night
  9. The Unvarnished Truth
  10. 4000 Days
  11. She Kills Monsters
  12. The Tin Woman
  13. Vanities
  14. Marvin’s Room
  15. The Trip to Bountiful
  16. Dracula
  17. Murder on the Nile
  18. 9 to 5

The scripts in my desktop folders are more unknown and not as marketable to a broad audience, half were found online and available without rights. If I had to put on a last minute dramatic (or comedic) reading for a benefit, they’d be easily accessible and require minimal set, props and costumes. All bonuses and work in favor of the shows, but really not challengeable – not to me, not to an audience and certainly not to my readers. I have cleaned up the folder while updating my running list of scripts (which I’ll probably never catch up to some of my peers), so at least I have things started.

I’m set into motion for a successful upcoming season – I have actually attached my name to two straight plays and two musicals at my local theatre. But, do you think I have started planning anything? No. That’s about to change, I have to start thinking ahead because there’s only another few more months before selections go to the board for final approval and at that point – they’ll need to see how prepared I am. I won’t have a stalling option, this isn’t a game to them (or to me) – it’s a business, albeit a nonprofit, but still a business.

Don’t mess around. Read scripts, even when you can’t finish them – start and store them away for later, it could just be you for now and in a few years (or maybe never) they might become an option to you or to someone you know. This next month I’ll be cleaning up my act – I’m on task for play reading, now I must set myself to task on planning. Wish me luck, ’til next time.

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