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It’s time for peek of the day – one of the scripts I’m dying to try one day is…

The Man who Came to Dinner by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman

What’s this? Did Mercedes stroke out and write a SECOND peek post AND post it on the wrong day of the week?

It’s definitely not Tuesday and it’s definitely not a duplicate.

Fun fact – this show was actually the first theatrical production I’d ever been involved in. Winter and Spring of 2003 was the beginning of my theatrical life. I had just entered a new school in the Fall – all girls, catholic high school. Then there’s me with my butch, thick streaked hair and strange personality (or lack thereof at that point, I was pretty boring then). I don’t know how I ever survived and I don’t know what prompted me to join the theatre. I think one of my friends, who spent the better part of 3 out of 4 year ignoring me over something petty (high school, am I right?), suggested I audition for the next show and.. have fun, meet people, do things.

I don’t know that I would have been a do-er had it not been for joining theatre. My life would have most likely been astronomically different – I don’t even know if I can imagine what it would have looked like. I am very thankful for whoever it was that suggested I join the theatre because it has changed my life – for the better. I remember the year before joining Rocky Horror and the pain and miserable life I had sitting on my couch in the basement night after night. I had nothing except my mother. Don’t misread that, I love my mother but one cannot survive by a mother’s love alone (no matter what some horror writers want you to believe with their obscene characters).

Find your niche, and remember – it might not be the theatre, but it very well could be. It’s a ton of fun but it’s also a ton of work. It sucks sometimes but it’s also very rewarding. Enjoy life my lovies, find what makes you happy – ’til next time.

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