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I can’t stop running…

…what am I running from? Or am I running to something?

  • Run 4 to 5 times a week (Half marathon training is in full swing)

Let’s be real, I am not running from anything (except a healthy dose of emotion), I am running to something. Three shiny medals at the end of a combined 10K and Half Marathon.

Running has been a struggle – since starting off completely out of shape, getting injured, suffering emotional loss, deep seated anxiety, two respiratory illness within on quarter – I don’t know how I’ve been able to accomplish as much as I’ve done. But I have and I haven’t died – even though many times I’ve felt close enough to death (Rocky Run 10 miler, general princess training of long distances, that one random 8K a friend convinced me to do for a glass of wine).

Sheer determination.

I was hoping to have this post showcase the medal designs for the February races but Disney has not been cooperative in releasing the designs to the public. I didn’t want to delay this post any longer so I figured today was better late than never – plus, if I don’t show you now, I have a guaranteed blog idea for the future (yay!). A lot of us princesses are assuming it’s going to be Snow White or general princess themed due to the amount of secrecy – SW because it’s the 80th anniversary since her release and GP because they haven’t told us yet.

Apparently these rumor mills run rampant the entire time from sign up (if not even before) until the actual release of designs. I will say they are usually gorgeous and entirely worth the anticipation/desperate anxiety (I do fall into the anxiety field unfortunately). I think because it’s my first princess race I am more anxious because I want it to be perfect – I want the medal to represent true accomplishment as I am definitely going to finish these races.

Hopefully it doesn’t kill me. Look out for the gorgeous pictures and more posts dedicating to complaining about training, ’til next time.

1 thought on “I can’t stop running…”

  1. Disney I want to see the medals!! I’m sure they will be stunning. I’m hoping they don’t change the 10k design because I love it. I remember the first year I ran the Princess half and people were freaking out because the medals were silver instead of gold since it was Frozen themed. I didn’t care, I thought it was gorgeous either way.


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