Amalgamation of Life, Director

What did I expect to learn from reviewing a show?

  • Read and review one show

I don’t know to be honest, what was the point of this goal?

This goal just went into overdrive. I am preparing to submit for three shows at my local theatre which means having to dissect shows to the skeleton and have a plan. The ‘review’ portion in this case closer resembles to production value (or, how I see my production value) of a show.

As I am outlining this topic it occurred to me that I can’t provide or talk about my prospective plans until it’s closer to a reality. Let me be clear: I’ve positioned to the board who will have approved me to be a director this past Sunday (*hopefully* as I am writing this Saturday night frantically worried). I next have to work on submitting my proposals – why I would be the best fit to direct the shows.

I know I am competing for one and won’t know if I am competing for the others until the board goes to make their decision in February. I don’t know who reads my blog and I’d rather not provide the plans for my productions until either I am approved or the shows are selected and a director has already submitted their plans. I doubt they’d make many changes upon reading my ideas as most directors are set but I lack some trust inherently and I’d like to keep them private until it’s a reality.

Wish me luck, ’til next time.

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