Amalgamation of Life

Did I fail?

  • PUT ON make up for Scrooge – on actor, train assistant

No, but it was rough.

Not just the makeup but the show in general. It’s tough letting go of control. Suki asked one of the actors to be my assistant. Very capable, very competent, very lovely. I had the utmost confidence in her skills – I had nothing to worry about. But I worried when I was sick and I wish I had not requested an assistant despite not being able to be there every performance night (previously made plans, ‘surprise plans’ that include Star Wars release night – tonight!).

And the actors. My plans for Scrooge were lost when the director decided to keep his facial hair for mutton chops (not enough physical area for prosthetic application). One of the actresses craved constant reassurance and attention – I don’t do that well, even for actors. I have a short fuse for that kind of shenanigans.

Needless to say this show is going down in the books as another show that has not been the most pleasant of experiences but a huge learning experience. Remember that sometimes it isn’t about how much fun it is but it’s about how much you get out of the opportunity. It all worked at the end. ‘Til next time.

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