Amalgamation of Life

Show seeing!

Much like site seeing but even better! Because it’s all indoors and limited human interaction, except for those you adventure with – fortunately I always pick good humans. Today I’ll be contrasting seeing a show with a friend vs seeing one solo.

I’m going to walk through the pro’s and con’s of each show .. that doesn’t seem right, perhaps need to be phrased as more so favorite and least favorite portions of the artistic and inspiring journeys through these shows…. too far. Pro’s and Con’s. Unfortunately a comparison of three very different shows but I will say – all of them are worth seeing and there is no ranking, just personal opinions.

 Pro’s  Con’s
Kinky Boots


With friend

Professional quality

High Energy

Excellent message: acceptance and innovation

Poor point of view

Traveling through Philadelphia

 Little Shop of Horrors



Main stage

Medium Energy

Traveling through Lebanon, PA*

No identifiable message (except don’t feed your plants blood)




Secondary stage

Oddly high energy

Excellent message: come with a back up plan

Traveling through Lebanon, PA*

Tiny stage, claustrophobic seating (had to change at intermission)

*Google it

Earlier this fall I was invited by a very dear friend, Kim (to me, Kimmy), and see Kinky Boots at a theater downtown. It was the touring company and it was very close to the values of a NYC Broadway production. Although our a seats had obstructions (guard rails that prevented us from falling to our deaths), it was an enjoyable and lively enough show that it almost didn’t matter.

Either a week before or after, remember: my life was crazy in October, I saw two shows: Sleuth and Little Shop of Horrors in a different downtown by myself. I’ve been to this theatre enough that I can recognize some of their long-standing (and obviously talented) actors and I was fortunate to see two different stages (this is a new thing in fortunate-enough theatre houses!) that best utilized the space available to these productions.

According to the pictures I had the best of times with my friend Kimmy. Had my mom been able to attend either Little Shop or Sleuth, I’m sure I would have had equally charming selfie(s). These were the first shows I’d seen by myself. This was the second show I had seen with a friend (Hello Dolly! in September with the infamous Becky). I don’t know which I prefer. I liked having a partner in crime during the show. I liked having the travel buddy. I definitely did not like driving through PA without a partner (especially one trip, the rain was so terrible – I was genuinely shaken).

I am a lone wolf. I very rarely enjoy joint activities but my mom, Kimmy, Becky – and any one of my other friends, only ever improve the performances. Their enjoyment feeds my enjoyment. There’s someone to be catty with, be jealous with, express our impressions – there’s just something else about a partner (or group, even). However there are bonuses to seeing shows by yourself – including inspiration for your blogs. I think I drafted near 8 topics for future blog topics while alone, ideas I may not have had during conversations with my partners – although they are usually inspiration for shows I would put in my consideration bucket for directing or producing.

It sums up that things come down town to (maybe?) what mood you are in. Try both once. See a show alone. Enjoy the quiet time by yourself (and if you can, buy a spare seat for your belongings). See a show with a dear friend. Enjoy the verbal sparring and new perspective. ‘Til next time.


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