Amalgamation of Life

How have I possibly avoided this for so long?

  • Begin working on directorial submissions for Forge Theatre (this is a big deal, I submitted three plays and I want all three seriously considered)

It’s only going to be the first thing they ask of me when (and if) they approve my submission requests.

I’ve avoided it for so long easily because I don’t know if the Board will approve me to direct. If even my home theatre won’t approve me to direct, will another theatre even consider me? I was told for so long at my last department (at work) to find another opportunity outside – it’d be best to start fresh. I’ve made enemies by speaking up and pushing back, harshly. I don’t take things lying down anywhere I am. I was raised to be too strong and forget (did I ever know?) how to soft.

Kid glove. I am pending approval. Still. This was supposed to be decided December 10th and it wasn’t. I almost wish I had been given an opportunity to speak but I was asked to leave the room, which I get to an extent, but there were other candidates I would have liked to have spoken about. I don’t get that part, no opinion on any one (else) up for debate as I was also being debated? It’s over with now – now there are next steps for me and once again just feel like the wheels are spinning underneath me.

What do I do next? Continue avoiding this goal was meeting the criteria for the Board. Continuing to question which shows I’d like to prepare for submission. Continuing to question appropriate production values based on available space. Question, question, question! Word of the day, my friends; ’til next time.

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