Amalgamation of Life

To gift or not to gift

It doesn’t appear to be a better time to mention gifting than on Christmas Eve.. no, not Christmas Day. My family hasn’t made it to Christmas Day in my entire life – or at least as far back as I can remember. Probably because I am a terrible human being and enjoy knowing what surprises await me.

Even though as an adult there is no surprise. I give my family and friends a list. I know that I won’t get everything on the list but that generally a majority of items on the list I will receive. The surprise is gone. There’s only pure enjoyment. I can never wait, I have no self control.

So every year, I gift late and attempt to con my mother into giving me my presents early – she’s an easy connee. I almost always win, a few years she held out and a few years she couldn’t wait to give me a surprise present. She does always manage to surprise me.

Gifts are an amazing way to show someone you care, that you appreciated everything they’ve done for you the preceding year. Is it common stance for casts to thank the staff of a production for all of the known and unknown for all of the seen and unseen work they do. What can you buy or make that appropriately say thanks for everything a staff does to prepare you for the stage?

It’s almost impossible. I am always at a loss for the gifts I’ve received and I’ve felt the items have never been up to snuff. From magnets to group photos to cards (which is so hard getting everyone’s signature on seccretly) – there are a variety of items that can be made, ordered, or bought. I personally enjoy those little items that hold significant meaning to both the cast and staff – an inside joke, if it can be produced in a physical manner.

Remember the good times you had throughout the production, with your friends, family.. and find something that will remind you of those good times had together. ‘Til next time. Merry Christmas.

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