Amalgamation of Life


No, nothing that fun. But there were fun moments.


A few weeks ago the Board of Directors hosted our semi-annual General Membership Meeting. This time we did it with a twist to entice and entertain our members – we hosted about 30 minutes of one acts or excerpts of shows the Play Reading Committee (PRC) are considering.

Take what I am about to say with a grain of salt:
From a Board perspective – I was tired after having a board member meeting, then a GMM meeting, and then the play reading.

I was dead tired and over it.

From a member perspective – I was intrigued by the different plays presented by our General Production chairperson and I was happy to hear the banter back’n’forth between members and Board member.

It’s an interesting dynamic – based on our membership turnout, a majority of our members do not want to partake.
It was a Friday evening.
It was not a show night.
It was numbers based.
It was potential events for the theatre.

Not 100% attention getting but generally important information that impacts our community theatre. It’s a hard sell on Facebook, through our newsletter and our website. This opportunity that our GPChair took for our members was delightful and interesting – I hope to utilize it as a fodder for member-garnering campaigns in the future. If nothing else, learning for the future – ’til next time.

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