Amalgamation of Life

Welcome to 2018

I’m going to do my goals for the months of 2018 slightly differently and I’m going to promise, now – I’ll try to hold to it, not to make any of the standard resolutions (lose weight, be kind-er, etc.).

2018 Goals

  • Successfully suggest, prepare, plan, audition, direct, and let go of a production
  • Apprentice as a producer for a production
  • Complete the WDW Fairy Tale Challenge
  • Earn the Perfect Prefect medals with the Hogwarts Running Club
  • Finish 26.2 miles with Run the Winery race program
  • Plan out and finish 2-3 more semesters of school (I think this will tilt me over the 66.66% required to graduate)
  • Research different (to me) genres of shows
  • Complete professional training for career
  • Plan 3 excursions – one friend trip, one family trip, one solo trip
  • Read 5 non-school books
  • Audition for four shows in the 2018 calendar year (not production season)
  • Build out portfolio of accomplishments (pictures of costumes, make up, set work, etc.)

I will continue setting out monthly goals but for starting out the year, I wanted to outline some of the goals I want to focus on completing in general. Some are a bit personal and some professional – a perfect mixture and reflection of my life at this time and hopefully throughout the next (and many following) years. I hope these goals are attainable and I hope I don’t race through them, I’d like to take some time and actually enjoy this year – I’m actually going to make that my wrap-up goal.

  • Enjoy my 2018 life

Wish you the best start to your new year, ’til next time.

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