Amalgamation of Life



Remember when I talked about working on shows simultaneously? I know it was so long ago (hear the sarcasm?). Between The Laramie Project, Scrooge and The 1940s Radio Hour – I have been working with an extraordinary group of individuals who have the upmost respect for the shows simultaneously in production. For example’s sake – I’ll only speak of those shows that coexist at the same theatre at the same time – so TLP and 1940s.


While TLP was in their final weeks of rehearsals, set was built and painted, the cast of 1940s didn’t want to “muck of the floors” and rehearsed in the theatre’s lobby. How amazing is that? The production staff of either show didn’t ask for that – the cast volunteered. They knew how much work had gone into building the rolling hills of Wyoming for the TLP cast that they couldn’t justify their use of the stage area. Rehearsals were tight, our lobby is a little more than half of the width and just short of the full length of the stage.

There’s nothing better than mutual respect between cast members and between casts of multiple shows. ‘Til next time.

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