Amalgamation of Life

Transitioning between two shows

From one show to another.

Because why only prepare, execute and complete one show at a time? That would make sense! #feelthesarcasmthroughtext

Planning. There are few things that require more planning than transitioning between two shows (while studying, working, and having a life in a vague and general sense). Especially when those shows potentially overlap, even by a few weeks – one of those weeks will be inevitably be a tech week for one of them.

-Review all posted schedules at the auditions and write in all rehearsals (even if they’ll be optional/you’ll not be required to attend to be determined at a later date) for both shows.
-Converse with your friends and family how you will be inordinately busy over the next few weeks (months, years, a life time – it’s theatre, we all know how it works).
-Provide any and all conflicts for both shows as well as all personal and professional commitments that you deem necessary to attend and miss rehearsals

-Remind yourself that you will need a break – this means no play, no musical, no friends, no family (if possible), and loads of Netflix (if you can manage, schedule a sandy vacation)
-First come, first serve. The show you sign up for first deserves your full attention until the productions final curtain closes.

This one should be pretty obvious but if you can’t dedicate yourself to a single show, you probably can’t dedicate yourself to two (or more) shows. Don’t do a show to do a show. Do a show because you want to do it and love performing (or working on a production staff). Bring only a good energy to the production and let it permeate to your cast mates and with the staff.

It’s hard and I don’t recommend it unless the shows in question are on your bucket list. However, even with my own (sometimes) negative experiences (the level of tired after back-to-back rehearsals before a tech week) will never deter me from doing it again. Can I tell you that it is one of the most rewarding experiences, too? If this seems a bit contradictory it’s because it is – it’s hard but it’s almost always a good time (depending on the show) and it can be done.

That’s not all but that’s all I’ll focus on for now. Look for more in the future, including the possibility of transitioning from more than two shows (shock!). ‘Til next time.

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