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How I got back into theatre

Basic origin story:

Started in high school in an attempt to make more friends and possibly meet boys. Made no additional (or any) friends but did meet a boyfriend who last for approximately a year and a half. He graduated and I stayed involved with the theatre until I graduated. When I moved onto college, I met another boy who was haphazardly involved with college productions and I attempted to be, too, but alas.. we were young, dumb, and in love – I dropped it from my life.

Fast forward maybe (near) ten years?

I’m now fully immersed into my current theatrical career. Story over.

Just kidding – I titled this post on how I got back into the theatre so here it is. It’s pretty simple and I think some of you may be mildly disappointed. No thrills or frills, just straight facts.

My mom literally dropped me off at an audition for Rocky Horror Picture Show and left me. I had no option but to stay and audition. I suppose I could’ve sat there like a bump on a log but generally auditions are fun and I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere, so why not? It is one of my favorite movies, one of my favorite cult classics and production styles – why not? I didn’t have a reason. So I did. And, I got cast.

I don’t remember why my mother felt the need to trick me and drop me off, but it worked – sometimes I think she regrets it because I’m never available but it is what it is now.

And now you know, it’s possible at any age to get back into theatre and why not? There’s no better time in your life then right now to experience the joy of being on stage. ‘Til next time lovies.

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