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Actors who repeat roles

I am presently involved with two productions at my little black box where there are two actors who have performed the role they are presently cast in as they previously were cast in. When I heard the first one, I was a little taken aback but ultimately let it go. Then it happened in the second show and I just had to stop and stare for a minute.


What inherent purpose, need or desire would one want to do the same role as previously done? I understand the same production, some are super poignant and when you’re at different points in your life, why not? But when the productions are almost back to back and it’s the same, exact role? Don’t you think you’d be fed up?

I think I’d be fed up.

Now, I understand part of this tirade is personal angst but I’m also questioning how fair that is to other actors who may have also fit that role and didn’t have the opportunity to fully develop in auditions (or even, prior to auditions). I understand, as a director, you want people who know the role, can embody it and really bring it to life – but is it fair?

Does fair even matter?

To me, it does. I’m not saying anything against directors who want to cast someone they know (in risky shows or moments, I’d probably be tempted to do the same thing and can’t say that I wouldn’t consider it). I’d like to bring new talent to the forefront. I did that for my One Acts this past July, I’ll do it again if I get a show selected next season and I will for the One Acts this upcoming July. I want to see new talent in the spotlight.

Maybe this makes me a fuddy duddy, who knows? I think it’s important and that’s why I’m writing about it. ‘Til next time.


2 thoughts on “Actors who repeat roles”

  1. I guess if you really loved a role, you’d want to do it again. I personally haven’t done anything worth repeating the same exact role, haha. But I know some people who do this. Someone who is doing the same role less than a year later, and someone who auditions for and always gets the same part in a musical – he’s done it 4 times now. I think it’s interesting. I would want to switch it up but perhaps having a different director, other actors around you, etc., makes the experience very different too.

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