Actor, Amalgamation of Life

How to get involved

Don’t be like me.. [insert back story].

Be ready to join theatre. This is not something you can half-ass (no matter how easy I may make it seem in some of my posts). Find a few companies in your area through a quick Google search, hunt on Facebook or in your local newspaper (my little black box still advertise auditions and productions in the Arts section). It might not be the first show you see, wait until it’s a show you’re passionate about – anything less and it’ll leave a sour taste in your mouth and you’ll back off.

Not your first rodeo? Ask yourself why you may have backed off before – did general life woes get in the way? did someone talk you out of it? did you feel judged by your non-theatre friends? Remember, negative energy cultivates negative energy. Hardly ever do I feel that theatre, in and of itself, produces negative energy – it’s only going to attempt to build you up and into a full-er person.

And if you’re super lucky, you’re going to make some amazing friends who eventually become a part of your family. You’ll see different parts of the world (or atleast learn about them while doing research for whatever role your casted in). You’ll be scared and you’ll be wary but know the production staff is there to assist and guide you – they don’t want a bad performance attached to their name. Ask and ye shall receive from them anything you might need (within reasonable means).

Be ready for a good time. Be ready for a stressful time. Just be you. ‘Til next time.

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