Amalgamation of Life, Director

It’s all fun and games

Until you make fun of my show.

It is hard removing my person and self from a show – no matter what capacity I work on it, from costumes to make up to stage manager. There’s something about theatre that makes an individual, at least an individual of my nature, extremely protective of the cast and production. Everything happens for a reason and I have been fortunate to have been a part of many decisions for those things that happen. When an outsider comes in to my realm, my house, my arena – and then proceeds to questions why things are happening, is this the best way things are handled or addressed…

Whoa. I imagine the feeling is akin to how lionesses feel about their pride, especially their children when a new lion visits. Maybe that’s the Gryffindor in me – don’t touch my puffs!

Enough of the Harry Potter aside.

One of the opportunity areas that I acknowledge within myself and concerning my work is accepting criticism in 2018. It comes from a place of caring – the person offering or providing their critique is almost always seeing it from a perspective not similar to my own and wants to know if there’s a way they can help. They are not saying I, or my team, did anything wrong. They are not saying I, or my team, are disappointments. They are providing a point of view that was missing before – a point of view that might be necessary to address a glaring error missed by myself or my team.

Long term goal. Don’t know how I’ll measure it – it may not even be accomplishable in the sense that it get’s a check mark and I’m done. This will be something I’ll probably have to work on until it’s second nature for myself and my team. A welcome breath of fresh air. However, knowing myself and wanting to be held accountable, I’ve set a reminder for myself in December to revisit this post and calibrate if I’ve accomplished this goal.

Have you ever set a goal for yourself that isn’t a check mark or measurable? Generally, you are only accountable to yourself but when you’re a director, you’re accountable to your audience and their enjoyment of the show put on for them. ‘Til next time.

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