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Inspiration other than theatre

I’ve written about other things that inspire me but it’s been marginal and not had a dedicated post to what inspires me. So what is it? Or, what are they? I could make a list but I found myself staring out the window at the snow melting (I actually saw a river of water) or this blank computer screen staring back at me. One time I saw my reflection and shuddered – I am a frightening character somedays.

I know three, sure-fire things that inspire me and not just for blog articles: my family, my friends, and the moments right before falling asleep. I am not kidding – I get a majority of my ideas right before sleep. Fortunately, I write them down on my phones notepad app and look over them in the morning – if they make sense, I pat myself on the back; if they don’t make sense, I keep them for a few days in case inspiration hits me again. I can’t say it always works but I try my best to relight my brains fire.

My family.

Despite a portion of them not being involved in the theatre, I actually get a lot of good, organic ideas while talking to them. Especially my mom. Even more especially when I’m blowing off some steam about whatever (or multiple) show(s) I am involved in – she has some pretty interesting ideas, a lot of which end up being implemented or stored away in my notes for future shows.

My friends.

A lot of my *peek* posts are directly related to conversations with my friends. They are shows they have done, have seen, or want to do and want to see. On top of work and graduate school, I am unable to do a lot of independent, theatre-style research myself so I depend on them for suggestions. Then, with all of that in mind, I get to hear about how they would do things (especially if they had done the show previously) and avoid potential missteps or blind spots.

They are also the reason behind why I choose to focus on women heavy shows – there’s no better way to have my friends voices heard, on stage, than be a hand of change/force of change and provide them opportunities to step up to.

Late night ramblings.

This post is one of the thoughts I had at late at night but I know I intended something different. I originally intended to write about how my life at work, my travels (especially Disney) impact my blogging experience. I am working on several of these ideas in April so stay tuned for those types of blogs.

I want to take this time to discuss my plans for the future of this blog. Previously I had a pretty regimented outline of what my blog topics would be, remember the monthly goals? And, remember how I set only annual goals this year? I am going to try to organically write content as it comes to me – I’ll continue celebrating the Wonderful Women on Wednesdays and my *peek* posts on Thursdays but I am going to stop setting myself up for pressure month-to-month. I want to write, and will write, what I want to write through the goals I have lined up within the next six months without much additional and unnecessary pressure.

I hope all of my readers can get behind this, it should feel a bit more real and a bit more like me. I hope both you and I enjoy it. Let’s see where it takes us in 2018, ’til next time.

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